Surface Pattern Design process. Idea, sketch, digital magic and attention to details.

Hi! This is my first blog entry and I want to share part of my surface pattern design journey here as. First of all I must say that things that really inspire me are nature and playful colors. I live my Nordic heritage to the fullest with themes such as forests, Flora & Fauna and of course the whole way of life. On the other hand anything new and exciting will get my attention as well.

As I started my website only a few days ago I'm proud to announce today the grand opening. Fiilis Design is my take on modern surface pattern design and I have several sketchbooks filled with drawings and ideas just waiting to be unleashed to the world. You will find a sneak peek here:

My designs usually start with a drawing on paper after which I continue in Adobe Illustrator and start experimenting with colors. Often I like to bundle my ideas and summarize them in collections. At this very moment I enjoy drawing abstract graphic themes. I'll keep you posted.

Please do check my instagram. I'm looking forward to your feedback!