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Fiilis Design available at Spoonflower

Spoonflower shop "Fill-A-Yard" by Fiilis Design

I’m very happy to announce the latest platform to carry my collection: My Spoonflower shop is open for business!

What a delight it was to see my design on Spoonflower fabrics. Lovers of bold Scandinavian design – please do risk a peek at my Spoonflower shop: https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/fiilis_design.

Adjusting the colors in the spoonflower palette took some extra effort, but it was definitely worth it! The patterns look brilliant. There’s a lot of choice for fabrics. Some of the fabrics are organic and baby-approved (like „Organic Cotton Knit Ultra“). The range goes from upholstery grade rugged fabrics to slinky dress-weight fabrics that look awesome in scarves and blouses („Silky Faille“ comes to my mind). Needless to say there’s something for everyone.  

On general note, I've added designs from two collections with matching patterns and colors. Now that I'm looking at my "Fill-A-Yard", they actually all fit together next to each other. „Nordic Spirit“ and „Dots“ were the first collections I created and hence there is a special place in my heart for these two.

As a small extra for my blog readers, you are very welcome to contact me for custom scales or colors for your project. I’m already quite excited to see what comes out of experiment! Please do share your creation using my patterns.

I myself can't wait to order some more fabric and start sewing new pillow cases and new upholstery for stool. So many ideas and so little time…

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Hauskaa Juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!

Circles by Fiilis Design on a sunny day. Textilwerk is a platform for great textile design.

What is better than long summer days with plenty of sunshine and seeing nature bloom all around you? Well, a package from Textilwerk did make my day a bit more special. I got my hands on bed linen printed to one of my designs: "Circles". It turned out exactly like I envisioned it. If you don't know Textilwerk yet, please do have a look. https://textilwerk.io/de/designer/fiilis-design/

Each and every article is made to order here in Europe. It is good for the environment as the stock and transport is kept to minimum. Granted, the order does take a bit more time to process but when you know that it's done to your specifications it's ok. You get to choose material, size and the type of print. Friendly staff keeps you informed of the progress along the way. Now that I think of it, I could use a new curtain. For inspiration I start at my online gallery. https://www.fiilisdesign.com/wordpress/patterns  

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Starting from Sketch

Surface Pattern Design process. Idea, sketch, digital magic and attention to details.

Hi! This is my first blog entry and I want to share part of my surface pattern design journey here as. First of all I must say that things that really inspire me are nature and playful colors. I live my Nordic heritage to the fullest with themes such as forests, Flora & Fauna and of course the whole way of life. On the other hand anything new and exciting will get my attention as well.

As I started my website only a few days ago I'm proud to announce today the grand opening. Fiilis Design is my take on modern surface pattern design and I have several sketchbooks filled with drawings and ideas just waiting to be unleashed to the world. You will find a sneak peek here: https://www.fiilisdesign.com/wordpress/project/nordic-spirit

My designs usually start with a drawing on paper after which I continue in Adobe Illustrator and start experimenting with colors. Often I like to bundle my ideas and summarize them in collections. At this very moment I enjoy drawing abstract graphic themes. I'll keep you posted.

Please do check my instagram. I'm looking forward to your feedback! https://www.instagram.com/fiilis.design/